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Panda Café - International Buffet

Enjoy a gourmet feast at Panda Café, featuring an array of delectable international dishes.

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2018 FIFA World Cup - Come to Sports Bar & Cheer for Your Team

Why not come to Sports Bar with your buddies to watch LIVE and support your favourite teams? Cheer and share the FUN with football enthusiasts.

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Balcony - New A La Carte Menu

Get ready for a shiny, brand-new menu at Balcony — complete with optional tableside service. Have your escargots fricassées, baked Alaska, or Boston lobster bisque flambéed right in front of your eyes, just to name a few.

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Balcony - Semi Buffet Lunch

Indulged yourself in our dazzling ambience and array of signature delicacies made with healthy ingredients and delectable home-made sauces.


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YinYue - Summer Seafood’s Fest

Lusting for a Midsummer’s Seafood Feast, YinYue leads your way to a summer mix-n-match with a wide array of seafood and seasonal fruits ranging from Hami melon, mango, strawberry, to kiwi fruit and white grapes. All for surprising your taste buds!

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Balcony - The Blossoms

Bite into delightful floral-themed treats at Balcony, which will be debuting a new flower-inspired High Tea Set full of sweet and savoury dishes. Let our green tea and jasmine mousse cake, rose macarons, and egg rolls with sakura maki and shrimp tickle your taste buds!

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Balcony - Semi-buffet Dinner

Tantalize your taste buds by enjoying Balcony’s new Semi-buffet Dinner with New Zealand Pacific Rock Oyster, Canadian Lobster and many more! 

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Sports Bar - Food Combo and New Snack Menu

Enjoy Fish and Chips, Cheese Burger or Grilled U.S. Beef Rib Eye Steak with Carlsberg, Asahi, Somersby Bottle or Promotion Beer for only HK$108! Snack Menu from HK$68 up is also available!

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Balcony - 30% off on Sunday Brunch!

Come now for our Sunday Brunch at Balcony! Menu includes antipasto buffet, soup, main course and dessert buffet!


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Sports Bar - Buy One Get One Free

Enjoy refreshing drinks after a long day at work to give yourself a moment of relaxation and get recharged!

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