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Yinyue –Authentic Mid-Autumn Festive Takeaway Poon Choi

Celebrate with family and friends over our newly launched authentic takeaway Poon Choi. Our Chefs have deliciously layered a variety of full flavoured ingredients. Let's dive into the traditions of Mid-Autumn Festival with your loved ones!


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Yinyue - Winter Melon Soup Set Menu For One

Beat the heat with the tasty and nutritious bowl of winter melon soup!  This nourishing soup is stuffed with different ingredients including meats and seafood to whet your appetite. Try one and you'll see!

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YinYue - YinYue Recommendation

Enjoy the extraordinary dining experience with featuring new signature dishes include Roasted Peking Duck, Flame Fried Lobster Tail in Superior Soup, Steamed Brown Marbled Garoupa with Green Pepper and etc.

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Simplicity Cake Counter - Exquisite Cakes Pre-order Offers

Indulge in the aromatic sweetness and freshness of handcrafted cakes and pastries at Simplicity Cake Counter. Purchase in advance to enjoy online special offer of exquisite whole cakes from HK$288 up! Delicious treats such as Daisy in White, Oolong Tea Chocolate Cake and classics like Fresh Fruit Mille-feuille.

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Simplicity - Shake & Grill Seafood Platter Offer with FREE Room Night

Seafood lovers look here!  Pamper in an array of Seafood Platter mixing with FRESH Boston Lobster, Oyster, Crab Leg, Scallop, Tiger Prawn, and Blue Mussel. Let  us surprise you with  one  FREE night  stay!  You’ll be pleased to enjoy great food, refreshing drinks & one fabulous night at Panda Hotel. Don't wait  until it's too late  - book from 1 September,2020 until 30 November, 2020!

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Simplicity - A Day in Paris Afternoon Tea Set

The newly launched afternoon tea set combines the most delicate flavors of savoury and sweet bites.

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Simplicity - Cake Counter Grand Opening

Welcome to Simplicity’s Cake Counter! We have everything from classics like cupcakes and tarts to exquisite cakes like our Oolong Tea Chocolate Cake and Soy Milk Caramel Cake.  Save room for dessert, you will find something you love to enjoy at Simplicity's Cake Counter.

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Simplicity - Buy 5 get 3 free offer

Simplicity’s Cake Counter new promotion! From now until 31 October, 2020, buy 5 cupcakes can get 3 for FREE! What are you waiting for, let’s come to get the daily limited offer!  

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Simplicity - Delicate Dining

Craving for some heart-melting luscious desserts that will inspire you for the day? The newly renovated Simplicity brings you the most exquisite hand-made desserts that are both visually stunning and tastefully irresistible!

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Whet Your Appetite with Takeaway Offers

Want to stay at your own place while enjoying fine food comfortably? Look no further than the newly launched Chinese and Western takeaway sets at Panda Hotel. Food hygiene is strictly implemented to ensure all takeaway boxes for customers are safe to eat.

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Takeaway Set Menu Newly Launched

The Takeaway Set Menu at Panda Hotel is newly launched! You can order to enjoy our deliciously fresh, authentically prepared and expertly cooked cuisines from Asian to European at home.

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